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ondeto travel yoga mat rag rug wallkabou

The Rag Rug  Walkabout

Feeling a little wanderlust or just tired of carrying and packing your everyday yoga mat? Our new travel mat collection is here and first out is the Rag Rug in a light weight and foldable version called walkabout.

Would you like to be one of the firsts to try it out? Until the end of November we have a special super low price for our first customers and all we ask in return is that you after trying the mat give us your feedback on it.   Check it out here!

Why and for whom is a travel mat?

  • Lightweight makes it perfect if you will carry it around or want to pack a light suitcase

  • You can fold it so it’s easy to put in a small bag with you to the office or the beach

  • Because of its size when folded it will not fill up your whole suitcase

  • You can bring it to your favourite class and use it on top of the studio’s (maybe not so clean) mats

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