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Our new travel mat collection is here and first out is the Rag Rug Walkabout. A lightweight and foldable yoga mat that comfortably fits in your bag and is easy to bring along wherever you want.


Why and for whom is a travel mat?

  • Lightweight makes it perfect if you will carry it around or want to pack a light suitcase
  • You can fold it so it’s easy to put in a small bag with you to the office or the beach
  • Because of its size when folded it will not fill up your whole suitcase
  • You can bring it to your favourite class and use it on top of the studio’s (maybe not so clean) mats


The mat is made from 100% natural rubber with a suede microfiber top layer to prevent you from slipping but without being sticky which lets you slide through pose to pose. The mat comes with a practical bag for easy packing and carrying.


Size 183*61 cm. 1200 g. Thickness 1 mm. Machine wash. No dry-cleaning.


All our products are made with the future in mind and are therefore biodegradable or recycled. And of course they are non toxic and free of phthalates. 

RAG RUG WALKABOUT – travel mat

SKU: 5430000751100
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