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This mat is designed to be both beautiful and functional. It is a really luxurious mat which is both a natural rubber mat and a towel in one with a pattern that helps you find your alignment. AND it is extra tall so you don’t end up outside the mat while practising. Perfect for the taller yogis who struggle with a too short mat.


The mat is made from 100% natural rubber with a suede like microfiber top layer to prevent you from slipping but without being sticky which lets you slide through pose to pose. The mat comes with a yoga strap for easy storing and carrying.


The size is 198*66 cm. 1900 g. Thickness 2 mm. Machine wash. No dry-cleaning.


All our products are made with the future in mind and are therefore biodegradable or recyclable. And of course they are non toxic and free of phthalates. 

ABSTRACT ALIGNMENT "TALL" – extra long & wide

SKU: 5430000751308
  • For every item sold we donate 5 € to who are empowering entrepreneurial women worldwide.

    The non-profit organisation was founded in May 2014. Their objective is to help women to develop their business activities in parts of the world where access to finance is poor or inexistent.

    Learn more about Sparkles,lu and their work here!

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