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8 reasons to practice yoga

Yoga will make you strong. All those poses actually take some strength to do and you will definitely notice a change especially in your arms and stamina. Strong is beautiful.


Yoga makes you a better … Fill in the blanks with whatever suits you. Tennis player, runner, football player or cyclist for example. In almost every sport you will perform better if you are stronger and more flexible. That’s how simple it is.

yoga handstand inversion
reasons to do yoga
why do yoga
Yoga will bring calm into your life. Many of us experience stress in our lives and to a certain extent that can be a positive thing when in appropriate doses but often the stress becomes uncontrollable and negative. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control your level of stress within?


Yoga helps you prevent injuries in other sports. Being flexible and having well-stretched muscles will make you less prone to hurt yourself when doing what you like.


Yoga improves your immune system. Are you tired of that cold that has been bugging you since forever? Many people experience that they are not ill as much as they used to before beginning practicing yoga. And science backs them up on this.
Yoga is detoxifying and can be a tool for weight loss. This can be a surprising benefit when starting a yoga practice but the sweating and especially the breathing is letting the body get rid of toxins and the physical effort helps you sculpt your body.


Yoga gives you a better posture. Not only on your yoga mat but also in between you will have a better posture as you train and awake those muscles that are needed for a good posture. Bye bye hunchback!


Yoga makes you happy! As with all physical activity yoga brings you happiness. ONDETO makes yoga mats that are beautiful, functional and eco friendly.
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